Authorized Advanced Eclipse Trainer

Client Satisfaction

“I most highly recommend Angie Ryder as an Eclipse trainer and all-around knowledgeable troubleshooter for Eclipse court reporting software. I encountered Angie through a referral from a friend because I was interested in automatic indexing. Angie set me up with amazing indexing abilities, all the while educating me along the way as to how to index, transcript formatting issues, and any other question I might have. She is extremely proficient at working with screenreader users and grasps the concept of that type of software completely. Her ability to communicate her knowledge is outstanding, and I bless the day we connected. Even though we live on opposite sides of the country, I know I can call her at a moment’s notice and get help when I need it.”
Amy Gooding, CSR
Official court reporter in San Jose, CA

“I cannot believe I worked for so many years without auto-indexing set up. I read and re-read the Eclipse instructions thinking I would figure it out one day. Meanwhile, I suffered by wasting time with each and every lengthy transcript I edited without this lovely feature. I finally decided I am not stupid for recognizing my own limitations. I am a talented reporter, and I work very hard. I know other reporters that have done the same thing and still have not made a change to auto-indexing. I personally felt that the way our jury trials vary so much that it would be too complicated for auto-indexing. When I finally decided I could not put this off any longer, I stressed about how much money someone would charge to do this. I stumbled upon Angie online. I don't even remember how at this time. I was not only pleasantly surprised at how conservative her price was, but I really felt at ease with her. I sent her all the information she requested. She needs this not to criticize your transcripts, but to do her job properly. In a very short time, she had files ready for me. We scheduled a time together in which she accessed my computer and uploaded everything I needed. She worked with me and showed me the easiest way to use these files. I stumbled very little the first time I used the feature. However, Angie was available promptly whenever I contacted her by email. I might have called her by telephone a few times, also. Would I spend the money to do it again, if I had to? Oh, yes! I plan to schedule a time to work with Angie to learn more efficient editing in Eclipse. Don't waste time. Go ahead and get it done.”
Brenda D. Blackburn, CCR, RPR
Lakeside Reporting (Mississippi)

“I met Angie by happenstance at a DRA convention. What luck! After speaking to her for a bit, it was clear she was very knowledgeable about Eclipse. I contacted her after the convention, and she wrote several macros for me. They work perfectly. Her response time was incredibly quick, and her pricing is very reasonable. I highly recommend Angie, and I look forward to working with her again as I start to tweak my auto-index.”
Pamela Cotton, CSR, RDR, CLR, CRR
Santa Ana, CA

“When I got ready to begin using auto indexing in Eclipse, I decided the best use of my time/resources was to use Angie to set it up for me. Looking back, it confirms this was the best decision I could have made. My cover pages, indexing, and certificate pages are so automated now. She set up block files/auto includes for more than I could have ever thought to do. After she compiled everything, she spent time with me to ensure I was familiar with using everything and that I was able to add more to the block files as needed. Thanks, Angie, for helping me use my system so much more efficiently than I could have ever thought to do!”
Debbie Villien, CCR, CVR-M
Maurice, LA

“If you are anywhere near a seminar taught by Angie Ryder, you owe it to yourself to go!  Angie is a gifted teacher with the ability to take incredibly complex computer stuff and make it totally understandable.  I've also had Angie assist me remotely by "taking over" my computer and permanently solving some problems I was having with indexing.  In my book, Angie gets an A-plus!”
Shari Beamesderfer